We are so Wonderful

How often do we remember our mistakes and inadequacies, while disregarding and minimizing the complements given to us?  I know it’s easy for me to do that.  Sometimes, it has felt like pride to me to accept the complements, and like humility to acknowledge my shortcomings.  But the One who made me says that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made;” and that all “his works are wonderful.”  Humm, who am I to disagree with my Maker?  Would it be audacious of me to think of myself differently than what my Maker has declared?  So, perhaps I need to truly accept my positive qualities, and turn my mistakes and inadequacies over to God.  He is able to handle them.  God has made me – in fact, all of us – the way He wanted.  If we let Him, He will accomplish His purposes in us.  Let’s enjoy how wonderful we are.

Psalms 139

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