Darkest Day Ever…

     After months of standoff, the opponents think they have it made.  They will now get their man – The Man – and it only cost them 30 pieces of silver.  They show up at the designated place with their soldiers in tow.  It’s all but done.

     But things don’t unfold the way they planned.  How could it be?  When they hear the positive identification of The Man, his answer causes the solders to fall back.  The solders are not supposed to do it that way.  They’re supposed to move in and take Him.  Again, The Man identifies Himself.  And then The Man instructs the solders to let the other men go.

     What’s going on? Who’s really in control?

     In the confrontation, one of the opponent’s men gets his ear cut off.  That’s grounds for an up-raising, chaos, a fight.  But The Man calmly corrects his own man; and replaces the ear, healing it to its previous state.  No time to be amazed.  There’s too much going on.  But in retrospect, one has to wonder if the injured man looked at his reflection later, fingering his ear while pondering if it really happened or if he had been dreaming.  Again, the question begs an answer, “Who’s really in control?” 

     As the events of that day continued, the soldiers arrested The Man, and The Man was sentenced to death, and then killed.  Crucified.  All the men who came with The Man, deserted Him.  Job done.  The opponents won.  It was a huge defeat for The Man.  Disastrous.  Devastating for His men.  Darkest day ever.

Darkest day ever… But…

     But The Man’s men didn’t know… they didn’t understand… that it was all part of the plan of The Man.  He was, after all, still in control.  His greatest defeat (and their darkest day) was really His greatest win.  He would rise again.  He would show Himself again.  He would possess all power… and share that power with His men.  The opponent’s greatest win, was actually their greatest defeat.  They fell squarely into the scheme of His plan.  The Man won.  He won completely.  His loss in death was actually the greatest gain of all life.   It was a huge win for both The Man and His people. 

     It makes me wonder about my own days of defeat.  Is it possible that The Man could turn my days of defeat into days of success?  Would He?  Could it be, that if I’m on His side, all my days would ultimately be transformed into days of victory?

John 18: 1-8

                                                                                                           John 19 and 20

Luke 22: 47 – 53

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