About Me

Hello, I’m Dolores

I’ve been around for a little while – long enough to be a grandmother.  I’ve been married to my best friend for several decades now.  We have three children who are all married.  That means we have six children now.  (Whether they come into the family by birth, adoption, or marriage; they are our children. We love them all.)  We also have six grandchildren; four boys and two girls.  We are so grateful for each one.

I’ve thought about doing a blog for years, but it was always something I’d do later…sometime.  In the meantime, I was busy working and raising teenagers.  (Home computers, internet, and blogs didn’t exist when the children were young; but I was busy then too.)  I worked as a nurse and later as a health coach for several years.  After I quit my job, I began to give the idea of a blog a little more thought.  The idea took shape over about a year; and so, here it is. 

I have no seminary training.  The closest I’ve come to Bible training are the classes that were a requirement at the Christian high school and Christian college that I attended.  However, I’ve been an informal student of the Bible for my entire life.  My parents faithfully read children’s Bible stories to me and my siblings, and even had us memorizing short scriptures when we were still young enough to be sloshing around in the bathtub.  Church has also always been a vital part of my life.  It’s a legacy that I’m grateful to have received. 

My love for the Word of God didn’t start, however, until sometime in high school.  It was during those years that I began to realize that I was more likely to experience anxiety when I did not give regular time to scripture reading.  I also felt happier and more at peace if I did read it regularly.

That continues to be true even now, which pretty well ensures that I read the Bible regularly.  I am continually drawn to it.  I love it when I find things on those pages that speak to what I’m experiencing in life.  Sometimes it seems so relevant; it’s like new verses were added there just for me – although, of course, they have always been there.  Sometimes the verses give understanding to what is happening in my life, and sometimes they help me decide how to respond to what’s happening.  However, my favorite times are when God speaks to me.  It may be the simplest thing, but it’s a precious gift from Him.  It’s those moments that I long for the most.  That’s why I love Him and His Word.  That’s why I am a pursuer of God. 

In sharing this blog, I am letting you in on some of the thoughts that come from those moments.  I hope they stimulate your own reflective thinking; and that in the process, you find yourself drawn closer to the Almighty God who created you and loves you deeply.

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